AL-Star Black EMR Digital Stylus  |  RRP$129ºº   

AL-Star EMR Digital Stylus

The Lamy AL-star black EMR is a digital AL-star pen, using Wacom EMR technology. Check Lamy's site for compatibility information, but it works with many tablets and phones, including Samsung's Galaxy Note series and some Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. The result is a digital stylus with the technology you'd expect, including 4,096 pressure levels and interchangeable tips, but with the great look and feel of a Lamy AL-star. Why shouldn't your stylus feel just as nice to hold and use as your pen? Includes two spare tips and tweezers for replacing them. Wireless, and doesn't need batteries. Shortcut button conveniently located on the grip area. This is used to activate functions and settings that are offered or available on the device and / or apps, eg, an eraser function can be assigned, or it could open the shortcut menu on selected Samsung devices. • PRE-ORDER. Stock available March, 2022

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