Ecridor Keith Haring Ball Pen, Leather Pouch Set 
|  RRP$450ºº  

Keith Haring Edition Dotted A5 Notepad |  RRP$29.95  

Ecridor Keith Haring Edition Gift Set

An artistic signature for everyone. Here is the outstanding gift brought to you by Caran d’Ache through its Caran d’Ache + Keith Haring Special Edition. An inter-generational and symbolic collection calling on the emblematic patterns of this vital pop artist to celebrate love and art. The meeting of a committed artistic icon and a creative company focusing on their shared values. From white chalk drawings of the subway to paintings on public walls, Keith Haring expresses a universal language in which forms emphasise the openness of a message.

The first symbol of this meeting is a lavish Ecridor in platinum finish. Its deep engraving showcases Haring’s artwork through the interplay of brightness and contrast. Then there are two 849, cheerful and playful. The first, in a white satin finish, displays the emblematic heart as an ode to love while the second, in matte black, adopts an identifiable black and white pattern. These instruments are just waiting for a means to be expressed such as the notebook, an essential ally fostering creative thoughts. Each creation is presented in its red metal box carrying Keith Haring’s signature and a sleeve displaying his artwork. A “love at first sight” collector’s collection that is bold.

© Keith Haring Foundation. Licensed by Artestar, New York.