Ecridor Venetian Palladium Ball Pen Gift Set  |  RRP$435ºº  

Ecridor Venetian Rose Gold Ball Pen Gift Set  |  RRP$485ºº   

Ecridor Venetian Pouch Gift Set

Ecridor Venetian Gift Set - the elegance of hand-crafted jewellery Caran d’Ache unveils Ecridor Venetian. A pair of writing instruments boasting a finely hammered effect, creating a play of light that only Caran d’Ache has the secret. A true Caran d’Ache classic, the Ecridor Collection is characterised by the elegance, timelessness and durability of its instruments. From their hexagonal shape to the authentic style and unrivalled reliability, these instruments are the result of an unfailing desire to combine the art of guillochage with Swiss precision. With Ecridor Venetian, the master craftsmen at Caran d’Ache have fashioned two elegant creations, each accompanied by its black leather case with matching silver or bronze inner – a must have for the fine writing’s aficionados and fans of unique items and contemporary design.