GvFC Classic Pernambuco Wood Fountain Pen  
|  RRP$840ºº   

GvFC Classic Pernambuco Wood Rollerball   |  RRP$595ºº   

GvFC Classic Pernambuco Wood Ball Pen  |  RRP$495ºº    


GvFC Classic Pernambuco Wood Pencil  
|  RRP$495ºº   

GvFC Classic Collection

Born of centuries of experience, the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection offers writting instuments with charm and quality. The finely ribbed design is classic, available in the Pernambuco wood, Ebony wood, sterling silver, or the new Grenadilla wood. All Graf von Faber-Castell writting instruments are fitted with a sophisticated spring loaded clipping system which is easy to place in the pocket, yet extremely secure. Both the ballpen and the 0.7mm pencil have twist top mechanism with a notched ring for secure gripping. The fountain pen features smooth 18kt gold nib that is flexible and writes a rich, full bodied line.