Heritage Egyptomania Black Fountain Pen  |  RRP$1,510ºº    

Heritage Egyptomania Black Rollerball   |  RRP$1,080ºº    

Heritage Egyptomania Black Ball Pen  |  RRP$870ºº    

Heritage Egyptomania Black Resin

Created in partnership with an expert Egyptologist, the octagonal precious resin cap of the writing instrument is decorated with authentic hieroglyphs that translate as “white stone mountain”, denoting Montblanc. The barrel of the Doué is inscribed with hieroglyphs from the ancient “Book of the Dead” – one of the most important Egyptology discoveries that contains magic spells intended to assist while journeying through the underworld to access the afterlife. The 14K gold nib on the fountain pen features an embossed scarab – a sacred ancient Egyptian beetle – and a triangular heart-hole that offers a softer writing style, reminiscent of historical Montblanc fountain pens.