Solitaire Geometry Platinum Le Grand Fountain Pen   |  RRP$2,390ºº   

Solitaire Geometry Platinum Midsize Ball Pen   
|  RRP$1,580ºº   

Solitaire Doué Geometry Platinum Fountain Pen   |  RRP$1,430ºº   

Solitaire Doué Geometry Platinum Rollerball   |  RRP$1,110ºº   

Solitaire Doué Geometry Platinum Ball Pen  
|  RRP$940ºº   

Solitaire Geometry Platinum

The Meisterstück Solitaire Geometric Dimension was born of the desire to unite Montblanc’s classic design with unique materials. This writing instrument made of black precious resin, engraved with its three-dimensional geometric pattern cap with optical effect in a sophisticated platinum tone, a platinum-coated clip and three platinum-coated rings embossed with the Montblanc brand name. Finished with the Montblanc emblem, it appeals to one’s individuality.