Top Line World Pen Black Chrome Fountain Pen   
|  RRP$129ºº   

Top Line World Pen Black Chrome Rollerball + Stylus  |  RRP$109ºº   

Top Line World Pen Black Chrome Ball Pen   
|  RRP$99ºº   

World Pen Collection

The innovative World Pen Stylus rollerball is made of pure aluminum and is one of a new generation of multitasking pens with which to operate all smartphones and tablet PCs. This special pen is equipped with a superbly finished, quality stylus tip and allows users to softly write, draw sketches or glide over the sensitive touch screens. Turn it around, and the World Pen Stylus becomes a rollerball – with blue ink - for making quick notes on paper. Its elegant design and superb finish make this multitasking pen a stylish accessory in our digital world.