Classic 205 Demo Apatite Turquoise Fountain Pen Set  |  RRP$295ºº   

Classic 205 Demo Apatite Turquoise Fountain Pen  |  RRP$259ºº   

Classic 205 Demo Apatite Turquoise Ball Pen   |  RRP$195ºº   

Classic 205 Demo Apatite

A beautiful, thrilling Turquoise-Blue Edelstein ink color that is transferred into a color-matching fountain pen and ball pen Classic series 205. When you are already fascinated by this Edelstein Ink of the year Apatite, this series will complement your color addiction. All decoration elements of this series 205 as rings and clip are highly-shiny polished in a silver appearance. The fountain pen Classic M205 Apatite is equipped with the famous Pelikan differential piston mechanism. The highly polished stainless steel nib is offered in nib widths EF, F, M and B to match each handwriting preference. The ball pen is equipped with a push mechanism for a convenient handling.