2000 Brushed Stainless Steel Edition Fountain Pen  |  RRP$549ºº 

2000 Brushed Stainless Steel Edition Rollerball  |  RRP$429ºº   

2000 Brushed Stainless Steel Edition Ball Pen  |  RRP$349ºº     

Reinterpreted and newly released in 2012, the 2000M fountain pen extends the beloved lamy 2000 family by offering an all stainless steel model with a matte, brushed finish. The 2000M shares the refined form of it's predecessors; a gently tapering contour which is enhanced by a subtle semi-hooded nib, invisible joins and echoed in it's cap. Brushed stainless steel has been used on all sections to create a monochromatic, minimalist aesthetic and tactile surface. All materials are hard-wearing and scratch resistant. Each pen is individually sandblasted to ensure an immaculate, extremely fine finish with no distinction between sections or visible joins.

When the 2000 pen was first introduced more than forty years ago, it captivated writers with its design and shape. Today, the 2000 is still one of the most highly sought after pens for the same reason. Precision engineering and stringent quality control can be felt in every push and pull.