Safari Original Terracotta Red Fountain Pen  |  RRP$50ºº    

Safari Original Terracotta Red Rollerball  |  RRP$45ºº • SOLD OUT

Safari Original Terracotta Red Ball Pen
 |  RRP$30ºº  

Safari Original Terracotta Red

After 40 years, Lamy brings back the Safari Savannah and Terracotta! When the Lamy Safari was unveiled at the Frankfurt Fair in 1980, nobody guessed that it would one day be the best-selling fountain pen in the world. Although it was initially designed as an affordable pen for school children,
it also became the go-to pen for many adults. Over the years these colourful pens have become the ultimate beginner’s fountain pen, while still capturing the hearts of experienced users and collectors alike. As a tribute to the Safari’s 40th anniversary, Lamy re-releases the original colours: Savannah and Terracotta. • Pre-Order available February, 2021