Scala Blue Black Edition Fountain Pen
 |  RRP$339ºº  

Scala Blue Black Edition Rollerball
 |  RRP$299ºº   

Scala Blue Black Edition Ball Pen
 |  RRP$249ºº   

As of now, Lamy offers more emotional appeal. With the new LAMY scala series, Lamy is expanding its range of writing instruments to include an elegant and appealing range of pens. The concept of the LAMY scala is based on the core shapes in Lamy’s design language, namely the classic cylinder and square block.

At first glance, the design of the body is strikingly cylindrical with a rectangular clip. The clean line of the body is accented at each end by a high gloss chrome-plated trim. The clip draws the view towards the barrel and includes the gleaming polished surface that contrasts with the strict geometric form to create a flowing connection between the two surfaces.