Full Metal Jacket Army Red 14kt Fountain Pen   
|  RRP$795ºº 

Full Metal Jacket Army Red Steel Fountain Pen  
|  RRP$395ºº   

Full Metal Jacket Army Red Rollerball   
|  RRP$375ºº  

Full Metal Jacket Army Red Ball Pen  
|  RRP$325ºº   

Full Metal Jacket Collection

Pineider is proud to present the 2020 edition of its signature line, La Grande Bellezza, (or The Great Beauty in English). The Italian-made pens are crafted in the celebrated material known as Ultra Resin, famous for being fully shockproof and launched in 2019. For La Grande Bellezza 2020, Pineider’s top pen maker, Dante del Vecchio, created a metallic variant of UR dubbed “Full Metal Jacket”, both as a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s memorable film and because it alludes to the metallic effect of the pen’s surface. The Full Metal Jacket offers a marine steel clip in the shape of a quill; cap fastens to the barrel with an advanced magnetic closure. Metal cap band is etched with the Pineider logo. The rollerball offers the latest softline technology.