Grande Bellezza Sunset Red Edition Fountain Pen   |  RRP$995ºº   

Grande Bellezza Sunset Red Edition Rollerball  |  RRP$695ºº   

Grande Bellezza Sunset Red Edition Ball Pen  |  RRP$595ºº   

Grande Bellezza Edition

True beauty is timeless and appreciated throughout the ages. Under the careful guidance of Pineider’s master craftsmen, the hand-blended resin material of the La Grande Bellezza is machined to be reminiscent of the celluloid materials used in the golden age of calligraphy. The quill clip underscores the simplicity and efficiency of this great writing tool. Manufactured in marine steel, it offers an excellent performance that will hold up over a lifetime. The fountain pen’s 18kt gold nib with a two-tone finish gives it exceptional value and writing performance. The soft-touch, magnetic lock system allows a smooth and elegant opening and closing of the pen.