Graphite Line Technalo 6 x Pencil, Waterbrush Set  |  RRP$49.95  

Graphite Line Sketching 11 x Artistic Multi-Set  |  RRP$79.95  

Graphite Line Water Soluable 13 x Multi-Pencil Set  |  RRP$89.95  

Graphite Line Pencil Sets

The Caran d’Ache graphite pencil is pleasant to hold and available in an endless range of subtle tones, from charcoal to light grey. Its exceptional performance sets it apart. Pointillism, hatching, writing, sketching, shading, blurring, technical and artistic design, mixed techniques 9B - 3B: Extra fine graphite pencils to allow uniform shading of large areas and a regular, intense stroke 2B - H: Extra-fine graphite pencils for hatching and superimposing 2H - 4H: Extra-fine graphite pencils for intense, regular, fine and extra fine lines (technical drawing, scientific illustration)