Matterhorn Silver Pencil Sharpening Machine |  RRP$395ºº  

Matterhorn Pencil Sharpener

A beautiful object and time-tested tool. Precision and finesse for pencils with clean, precise lines. Contents : Pencil sharpener, metal Technical description : Suitable for sharpening pencils and wax pastels measuring 4 - 10 mm in diameter. Allows you to adjust the type of point. Interchangeable cutter developed in Switzerland.

The adventure continues In keeping with the collection issued in 2013 to celebrate 80th anniversary of its famous sharpening machine, Caran d’Ache has unveiled a new exclusive edition of one of its most iconic products. Created in 1933, the famous Caran d’Ache sharpening machine has transcended the years and reinvented itself. Its high precision and durability have appealed to generations of pencil lovers. Featuring an exquisitely fashionable, iridescent colour, the sharpening machine has been issued in a limited edition of 4478 copies, symbolising the altitude in metres of legendary Mount Matterhorn. Accompanied by its vintage metal box – it, too, picked out in a gentle shade of rosé – it is aimed at collectors and devotees of beautiful objects. Linking past with present, this new sharpening machine exudes the finely crafted refinement and elegance of Caran d’Ache products from yesteryear.