RNX.316 Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen  |  RRP$655ºº   

RNX.316 Carbon Fiber Rollerball  |  RRP$595ºº   

RNX.316 Carbon Fiber Ball Pen  
|  RRP$395ºº   

RNX.316 Carbon Fiber 0.7mm Pencil  
|  RRP$395ºº   

RNX.316 Fiber Collection

Inspired by carbon fiber, the decoration of the RNX.316 Fiber is a marvel of entwined braiding with engraving that benefits from the power and precision of the laser. The writing instrument has a highly polished finish that contrasts dramatically with its matt decoration. With its steel point which houses a rotating ball made of tungsten carbide, the RNX.316 Fiber ballpoint pen ensures a clean line, delivering up to 600 A4 pages thanks to the acclaimed Goliath cartridge.