Ecridor Chevron Rhodium Fountain Pen  |  RRP$395ºº   

Ecridor Chevron Rhodium Rollerball   |  RRP$325ºº   

Ecridor Chevron Rhodium Ball Pen   |  RRP$245ºº   

Ecridor Chevron Rhodium Pencil  |  RRP$245ºº   

Ecridor Collection

Because life comes with more than enough limitations, treat yourself to the luxuries of the Ecridor. Its smaller size allows you to carry it anywhere. While its hexagonal shape makes it easy to hold. Its push button mechanism lets you start writing instantly with the Goliath refill, one of the smoothest and longest lasting in its class. Choose from different silver patterns to suit your taste. All current Ecridor models are silver plated with a rhodium coating to prevent tarnishing.