Year of the Goat 2015 Edition Fountain Pen   |  RRP$4,500ºº  

Year of the Goat 2015 Edition Rollerball   |  RRP$4,250ºº   

Year of the Goat Limited Edition

With the intelligence that comes from knowledge and the beauty that accompanies mystery, the Goat holds a key position in the Chinese Zodiac and Chinese culture. Together with the Dragon, this mythical creature symbolises the growth of Yang and it literally takes possession of the writing instrument. The fountain pen and roller pen both yield to its embrace as it wraps tightly around the body. The “Year of the Goat” Limited Edition naturally follows the other Zodiac Animal Editions.

The contrast of colours and materials is striking. The gold plating that forms the body of the Goat shines out against the deep intensity of the dark but brilliant Chinese lacquer – a finish that is all the more precious because only a few Westerners have ever been given the secrets of its long, difficult preparation. The body of the pen is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, with lacquer applied in several coats, patiently dried one after another, and then the top coat is delicately polished by hand to create its fascinating sheen. The Goat is meticulously engraved into the lacquer with exquisite precision in the smallest detail, producing the effect of natural movement in relief and incomparably enhanced with gold. The “Year of the Goat” Edition is limited to 888 pieces, a number that is an ultimate recognition of Chinese culture