Year of the Ox 2021 Edition Fountain Pen  
 |  RRP$4,500ºº  

Year of the Ox 2021 Edition Rollerball   |  RRP$4,250ºº   

Year of the Ox 2021 Edition

In the Chinese zodiac, the Ox symbolises good fortune and prosperity. The year of the Ox will be punctuated by numerous challenges, and if the effort made is sufficient, success will be guaranteed. A year under the aegis of the ox is therefore often synonymous with ambition and the consolidation of achievements. The Chinese symbol of wisdom and power is representing the purple Ox silhouette, emerging under the layer of black lacquer that adorns the instrument.

The “Year of the Ox” writing instruments are designed and produced as an artistic tribute. They embody the precious arts of figurative engraving and authentic Chinese lacquer, practiced for many years in the workshops of the Maison Caran d’Ache. The “Year of the Ox” edition is limited to 888 items in homage to Chinese culture, in which the number “888” is the ultimate sign of good luck.