Varius Le Viny Limited Edition

With the Varius Lè Viny – meaning “the vines” in Swiss dialect – limited edition, Caran d’Ache pays vibrant homage to both Switzerland and its traditional wine-producing heritage. With its oak body, recalling the barrels of the very best vintages, its satin-polished riveted metal strapping, the Swiss cross in red lacquer, this limited edition distils all the creativity of the company’s craftsmen. Available as a fountain pen and ballpoint pen, there are 240 copies of each limited edition – a tip of the hat to the number of grape varieties that can be found on Swiss soil.

The “Lè Viny” Limited Edition, Carand’Ache highlights an element of Switzerland’s heritage -its viticulture -which is firmly embedded in the country's history and whose production similarly relies on age-old know-how passed down with great passion through the generations. Switzerland has more than 200 grape varieties, including no fewer than 40 ancient native varieties found almost nowhere else in the world. It is virtually impossible to taste these noble vintages without making a trip to Switzerland, as just 1 to 2% of wine produced in Switzerland is exported. Production is complicated and restricted by the limited acreage and steep slopes of the vineyards.

Varius Le Viny Vines Limited Edition Fountain Pen  |  RRP$2,295ºº  

Varius Le Viny Vines Limited Edition Ball Pen 
|  RRP$1,895ºº