As a tool for writing and observation, Caelograph symbolizes the union between art and science, man
and stars. Produced in a limited edition of 3 lines, Caelograph is Caran d’Ache’s tribute to astronomy.
Caelograph reproduces the chart, finely engraved on midnight blue Chinese lacquer with delicate silver details that give it a shiny appearance. The upper part of the cap and the writing unit reporting the hour lines that are located on the sundial. The end of the pen is decorated with a compass rose, while the clip is in the form of the compass needle to evoke the eternal bond between navigation and astronomy.
With great technical expertise, this unique invention is a map of the sky enhanced by the dark blue Chinese lacquer. In addition to the normal required accuracy, laying a flat map on the curved surface of the pen is even more of a challenge. For the first time, the projection process known as Mercator was applied to a writing instrument.

As a second technical step, Caran d’Ache was set to lay on a small area such as a pen, no less than 51 constellations and 353 stars visible from the North. And that’s not all! The chart is mobile and allows you to specify the position of the stars at a given time. This amazing capability is made possible by a unique mechanism with high precision based on two rings. One of the two rings is movable and dedicated to time, while the other, fixed, indicates the month and day. Adjusting their location, the map is placed in turn on the time and date requested. A semi-transparent sleeve reveals the visible part of the sky, indicating the horizon, cardinal points and the zenith.

Caelograph Sirius Star Limited Edition Fountain Pen |  RRP$7,995ºº