Mario Botta Special Black Edition 2mm FixPencil  |  RRP$89.95   

Mario Botta Special White Edition 2mm FixPencil  |  RRP$89.95  

Mario Botta FixPencil

Created in 1929, the Fixpencil is an exceptional invention based on centuries of expertise of the Maison Caran d’Ache. Its novel silhouette, unrivalled technical qualities, and wide range of leads have impressed generations of architects and designers turning into a unique icon. For the world-renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta, every sketch is completed with a Fixpencil that creates a “direct relationship between the thought and the drawing”. This instrument is a source of inspiration in itself.

Therefore, the shared values of Swiss excellence and creativity led Caran d’Ache and the architect to this passionate encounter with the Fixpencil. (The signature of the architect Mario Botta, B graphite lead 2 mm, Supplied with a tube of 4 coloured watercolour leads 2 mm, Pack with a checked pattern which reflects the Fixpencil design Swiss Made)