Endura Deco Crest Rose Gold Navy Fountain Pen   |  RRP$190ºº   

Endura Deco Crest Rose Gold Navy Ball Pen   |  RRP$150ºº   

Endura Deco Crest Collection

Conklin’s new Endura Deco Crest is the ideal revival of that exciting period. Great concepts and innovative ideas will stand the test of time. The Conklin Pen Company  of Toledo, Ohio, USA built and earned a reputation of high quality and careful work-manship that made one proud to own a genuine Conklin pen. Unfortunately, the Conklin Pen Company ceased production in 1955. The brand was brought back to life when the company was purchased in 2000. Yafa Pen Company, owner and world-wide distributor of the Conklin brand since 2009, is proud to utilize its 43 years of experience to restore the quality and dedication of the original Conklin Pen Company to produce fine pens that are treasured for generations. It is very exciting to revitalize the original designs with their elegant and sophis-ticated look with the greatest attention to details and quality.