Townsend 10kt Gold Plated Fountain Pen  |  RRP$999ºº   

Townsend 10kt Gold Plated Rollerball   |  RRP$515ºº   

Townsend 10kt Gold Plated Ball Pen  |  RRP$365ºº   

Townsend Collection

Cross Townsend writing instruments have come to represent true value and quality. With robust European styling, the Townsend is available in many distinct finishes, each with its own charm and character. The fountain pens offer a uniform and consistent inkflow for hours of uninterrupted writing. The versatile roller can interchange roller, ballpen, highlighter, and felt tip refills. Solid twist mechanisms are featured on the ballpens and 0.5mm pencils all backed by a lifetime guarantee. The Titanium, Medalist, and Chrome Townsend fountain pens feature metal plated nibs, while the rest of the collection features 18kt gold nibs. All Townsend fountain pens fills via cartridge or converter and is available in extra fine, fine, medium and broad nibs.