Year of Dog Townsend Black Gold Fountain Pen  |  RRP$850ºº    

Year of Dog Townsend Black Gold Rollerball  |  RRP$625ºº    

Year of Dog Townsend Black Gold Ball Pen   
|  RRP$550ºº    

Year of the Dog 2018 Chinese Zodiac

This Cross Year of the Dog collectible was hand-crafted from the finest materials to honor the Year of the Dog. It features deep-etched engraving with 23KT gold inlays and is crowned with a brilliant red Swarovski® crystal. Those born under the eleventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac are known to possess the best traits in human nature – they are loyal, authentic, warm, affable, brave, and big-hearted. This exquisite writing instrument honors these unique individuals and symbolizes good fortune ahead.