Faber-Castell WRIT-ink Blue Fountain Pen   |   RRP$39.95   

Faber-Castell WRIT-ink Blue Rollerball   |   RRP$37.95   

Faber-Castell WRIT-ink Blue Ball Pen   
|   RRP$26.95   

WRIK-ink Collection

With a tangible fingerprint on the grip as well as an extra-soft refill the WRIT-ink “Print” writing instruments provide an extraordinary writing experience. Presented individually in a gift box. Faber-Castell's WRIT-ink pens are recognisable by the distinctive black fingerprint decal on the barrel, created using 3D printing. Combined with an ABS plastic barrel and a black, spring-loaded pocket clip, the WRIT-inks comprise a robustly-designed range of fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints. These well-balanced pens offer a comfortable writing experience.