Anello Black Rose Gold Trim Fountain Pen  |  RRP$1,060ºº   

Anello Black Rose Gold Trim Rollerball  |  RRP$745ºº    

Anello Black Rose Gold Trim Ball Pen  |  RRP$625ºº    

Anello Black Rose Gold Trim Pencil  |  RRP$625ºº   

Classic Anello Collection

The new Classic Anello series from Graf von Faber-Castell will seduce you the moment you take it in your hand. Its magnetic design is created with dark, ebony wood segments set with fine, platinum-plated rings in between to form a fascinating contrast on the slender, tapered barrels. The purist look of the writing instruments lend the collection its name – Anello (Italian for “Ring”). Perfectly balanced, the Anellos have a pleasantly smooth surface that gives the impression the barrels are made out of one single piece. The fluted metal caps, curved spring-loaded clips and tapered grips are plated in precious platinum. Don’t let the graceful lines and elegant looks fool you – these German-made pens are built for precision and performance. The Anello fountain pen has a superior, two-tone 18K gold nib design that distinguishes it from the ordinary. Equally impressive are the matching capped rollerball, twist ball pen and 0.7mm propelling pencil. The new Anello series runs rings around the competition!