GvFC Rhodium Guilloche Fountain Pen  |  RRP$640ºº   

GvFC Rhodium Guilloche Rollerball  |  RRP$430ºº    

GvFC Rhodium Guilloche Ball Pen  |  RRP$350ºº    

GvFC Rhodium Guilloche Pencil  
|  RRP$350ºº   

Guilloche Rhodium Collection

Handsome and unique, the Guilloche series is quickly becoming a best seller. Using a special guilloche engraving process, the resin barrels are intricately engraved and then coated with a protective lacquer. The silver cap and accents are constructed of a layer of silver covered with a layer of rhodium. The fountain pen features a silky smooth 18kt gold nib which fills via cartridge or converter. Whichever Guilloche pen you choose, you'll be writing in style and luxury.