James Purdey & Sons Limited Edition Fountain Pen  |  RRP$4,740ºº   

James Purdey & Sons Limited Edition Rollerball  |  RRP$4,580ºº   

Meisterstück Great Masters James Purdey & Sons

The "Meisterstück Great Masters James Purdey & Sons" unites the expertise of Montblanc – as creator of exquisite writing instruments – with the exclusive Maison, crafter of fine guns and rifles for game hunting. James Purdey & Sons have been serving the world's most demanding customers in search of perfect function, beauty, exclusivity and long-lasting quality. The wood-carving and metal-engraving crafts of the James Purdey Maison are unique, secret and extraordinary. The Meisterstück Rollerball is made of Caucasian walnut wood with engraved Purdey checkering and casted metal inlay, and features ruthenium-coated fittings.