Tornado Smithsonian Museum Pen Pal Rollerball  |  RRP$140ºº   

Tornado Smithsonian Shuttle Discovery Rollerball  |  RRP$140ºº   

Tornado Smithsonian Special Edition

Retro 51 Tornado Smithsonian Special Edition Rollerball Pen, is fitted with a smooth flowing rollerball refill that is retracted with its patented knurl twist-top. Replace the rollerball with any readily available Parker-style ballpoint refill and your Tornado is now a ball point pen. The top ring has been engraved with the Smithsonian name, plus it’s numbered and then imprinted with the Smithsonian logo on the top disc.

To commemorate the National Postal Museum, Retro 51 created the fascinating Pen Pal Tornado decorated with some of the most storied stamps the museum has in its collection. The “Inverted Jenny,” Booker T. Washington, Black Harding and Benjamin Franklin replica stamps cover the barrel
and have been coated in a thick gloss varnish for protection. A Pen Pal tube has been designed
to hold your new favorite pen!

Shuttle Discovery embodies the 30-year history of human space flight from 1981 to 2011 and is on display at the James S. McDonnell Space Hangar. This Retro 51 Tornado rollerball pen is etched and printed with details borrowed from this accomplished space-faring vehicle. Glossy black accents perfect this stellar pen design.