Divina Elegance Green Oversize Fountain Pen   |  RRP$1,495ºº   

Divina Elegance Green Midsize Fountain Pen   |  RRP$1,195ºº   

Divina Elegance Green Midsize Rollerball  |  RRP$795ºº   

Divina Elegance Green Bronze Ball Pen   |  RRP$750ºº   

Divina Elegance Green Collection

The newest addition to the iconic Divina Elegance Collection is a stunning pearlescent green with solid bronze and rose gold plated trim. The Divina Elegance, an evolution on the timeless Divina shape, draws on the art and science of the Renaissance period from which Visconti first created the Divine Proportion limited edition pen, upon which this series is based. The Divina Elegance represents an iconic Visconti design that integrates luxury with functionality, and features the series signature rods that spiral around the pen. The spirals on the Green Divina Elegance are solid bronze, and the metal trim on the pen are plated with rose gold.