Divina Shiny Black Large Fountain Pen   
|  RRP$1,495ºº   

Divina Shiny Black Large Rollerball   |  RRP$995ºº   

Divina Shiny Black Medium Fountain Pen   
|  RRP$1,195ºº  

Divina Shiny Black Medium Rollerball   |  RRP$895ºº  

Divina Shiny Black Ball Pen   |  RRP$750ºº   

Divina Collection

The Divina Collection by Visconti is inspired by the deeply intriguing concept and by the brand's philosophy of beauty and harmony in design, material and innovation.

The striking black Lucite body and cap are perfectly contrasted by the striking sterling silver lines which add a slight "twist" to this spectacular writing instrument. The ratio or proportion determined by Phi (1.618) is known as the Golden or Divine Proportion.